Escarpment Trail Run

  I’ll open the site’s section on runs and races with what has been a wonderful event and adventure for me. This summer I went to the US and I thought about looking up if there were some interesting races in the area. I stumbled upon the website of a very curios run held on […]

Why I didn’t choose a GPS watch

  For a few years now I’ve been tempted to get myself a GPS watch to log my runs. Every time I go online to check out the new devices and their features I always end up thinking that the setup I’ve been using these last years is the best for myself. When I go […]

Running hydration vest: Ultimate Direction SJ vs Salomon Hydro 5L

As the distance of my runs increased I have been looking for better running packs/vests and/or hydration systems that would allow bringing with me the mandatory kits for most of 50/100 miles ultra runs. I ended up trying two of the best vests on the market: the Ultimate Direction SJ 2.0 and the Salomon S-Lab Hydro […]

My first run

  I started running late. A little more than three years ago I went for my very first run. I remember standing on the doorsteps puffing on my third cigarette while sipping my breakfast coffe. A dear friend had come to visit and was trying to convince me to go running with him.


Of course I will periodically do reviews of running shoes, clothing, hydration systems, torches and more… this will be a fundamental part of the site

Working on the site

First post. This is the beginning of my running site. I will fill this site with my thoughts on running, my experiences (good and bad), reviews of races and of course lots of gadgets, shoes, clothing and anything else I will be able to fit in here 🙂